Multi-Disciplinary Classes and Workshops

Here are some examples of classes Marilyn Myo-O teaches. Check back for new listings.

The Bodhisattva Vows With Myo-O Habermas-Scher When we make a commitment to Buddhist practice our primary vow is to fulfill the deepest callings of our hearts. This is called The Way of the Bodhisattva. What is a bodhisattva? What are these commitments, and what supports us in living them in our lives? How do they fit into our lives as mothers, fathers, students, gardeners, dishwashers, and friends? Using meditation, listening circles, experiential exercises and chanting we will begin to discover the life of the bodhisattva.

The Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theater Institute for Performers, Directors, and Coaches.
The Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theatre Institute in unlike any other professional development program in the country. The institute builds upon the basic skills of singing, acting, and moving, and unifies these essential musical and theatrical components into integrated performances. The outstanding staff creates a stimulating and challenging environment, providing respectful observation, support and instruction. The emphasis is on individual growth rather than on competition or comparison. The institute has had a profound effect upon hundreds of participants who have applied its concepts to all styles of performance, ranging from opera to Broadway musicals to experimental music-theater.

The Dynamic Life: A Meditation & Life Planning Retreat for Women
At this workshop you will:
• Resource your body’s vitality, and learn to sustain it
• Learn to bring the benefits of meditation into your daily life
• Learn to listen in a whole new way to self and others
• Revisit your values and purpose
• Write a livable LifePlan for your personal and professional goals
• Develop relationships with women who will support you midst of making plans and accomplishing important tasks. After the workshop ends you will, with the encouragement of a group of new friends be able to practice what you have learned. You have what is necessary, you do what you value, and you be how you want to be. You set out to master The Dynamic Life anew.

Picture this: A small group of amazing women like you, two experienced facilitators like us, in a vast hilltop retreat just north of the Twin Cities. You are eating wonderful food. You are investigating how you are nourished in life. You are resting.

Here you are: Practicing the joys of connecting to your own being, to others, to all of life. Experiencing the ease of stillness, mindfulness, and Powerful Listening. Reclaiming the vitality of your body. Revisioning your purpose. Writing a concrete, livable LifePlan for the coming years. And in the retreat’s fluid integration of meditation and activity you are training yourself - training to remember to BE - right now, in the midst of making plans and accomplishing important tasks.

After: With the encouragement of a group of new friends, you set out to practice. You have what is necessary, you do what you value, and you be how you want to be. You set out to master The Dynamic Life anew.

Taming the Wild Mind; Living in Joy
A five week class investigating Sila, the ethical foundation of practice and living.

In order to live and act in this world of change in a way that we ourselves find stabilizing and renewing, what is it that we need to understand? What is it that we already understand and are using day by day? What is there in Buddha's teachings that are really alive for us and how does the unfolding of realization come about and create the foundation for a life that brings life rather than harm to the world?

The class will include meditation, lectures, readings and reflections, experiential exercises, small group discussions, and singing. ,

Using Buddha's teaching and the template of our own life and wisdom we will study and share our hearts' aspirations together.

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Classes In Meditation and Buddhist Practice

Myo-O offers classes on various aspects of Buddhist practice including:

Basic meditation instruction

Foundational Buddhist Teachings
The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, Dependent Co-Arising, The Bodhisattva Path, and The Sublime Abidings: loving kindness, sympathetic joy, compassion and equanimity.

Chant as practice

Buddhist Precepts and the Full Moon Precept Recitation Ceremony: Burning the Old and Vowing the New
A year long class studying the meaning of the precepts in our lives and how we practice with them day to day as well as a classic full moon ceremony. This class also includes disclosure/repentence sharing circles.

The Divine Abodes
A class series on the practices of lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity that include chanting.

The Structure of Joy
A study and practice class on the Six Perfections: Giving, Patience, Ethical Living, Energy, Meditation, and Wisdom.

Additional Classes
Myo-O occasionally offers classes at various meditation centers in the Twin Cities. Check calendar for specific classes. If your organization would like Myo-O to design a class to meet your needs, please contact her.

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Classes In VoiceWork

Your Voice Heals
A class series exploring the use of intention and voiced vibration to provide spaciousness and healing.

The Body's Voice
A class series teaching the skills of attention and kinesthetic awareness as keys to unlock the power of the body to release and support the voice.

Five Months in Your Voice
A five month long course which includes somatic awareness, improvisation, vocal technique, spacial awareness, concentration practices and hands-on work.

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