Your voice brings the vitality and gift of your intention to life and to others. You may choose to sing or to speak in formal performance work of any kind, be a reader in your religious services, sing to your children and read them stories, speak up in meetings at work, make presentations, tell the truth in challenging circumstances or sing in the shower.

Your voice is at once personal and universal. It is a question and it is the answer, a key to the questions of who are you and how will your life be expressed freely.

These universal questions have the power to seize us, to make us raw and vulnerable, taking us in unexpected directions. That’s why it is essential to work with someone who insists that you meet the questions compassionately, and who holds you in a container of unconditional regard. In this safe, dynamic space you can experience the innate and powerful expression of the full range of your human self.

VoiceWork guides you to make connections between your voice, your engaged body, and your experience. Together with your guide, you open the doorway to transformation – an awakened sense of wholeness and power. The process is intuitive, playful, kinesthetic, respectful, and based on solid vocal technique. Marilyn has complete confidence in your ability to manifest your full voice and regards teaching as a sacred privilege and contract. Both she and her students are in awe of the joy and transformation that is the fruit of this work.

Voice Coaching
Through both private lessons and group classes, Marilyn encourages students to create a more specific intimacy with their physical instruments, giving rise to clear, multi-faceted, authentic sound. Voice, body, text, and musicality all come together in a more vivid synthesis. Under her guidance, professional singers have found their way to increased vocal color, timbre, and subtlety in conveying meaning. Shy teenagers have learned to sing out and express themselves. People of all ages and inclinations have embarked on a voyage of vocal self-discovery, bridging their inner and outer worlds by strengthening their kinesthetic awareness and skill.

Voice Healing
One-on-one healing sessions use the therapeutic power of the practitioner’s voice to create an intimate reflection of how you are in that moment. As you begin to feel more calm and centered, the nervous system tends to relax. This allows you to experience a realignment of the heart and mind. This work has helped people who are stressed or ill, and includes singing at the deathbeds of loved ones.

Performance Preparation and Coaching
One-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help you find the energetic core of a performance or presentation while eliminating blocks. Marilyn has worked effectively with a wide range of presenters and performers, including business executives, ministers, singers, actors, poets, and storytellers. She draws upon her own experience and instincts as a singer, dancer, performance artist, storyteller, and choreographer to help you bring your performance to life.

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