Marilyn comes to each session or class with an open spirit, a loving countenance, and clean energy. Her wit and whimsy add to a sense of deepening insight. Her lifelong learning and dedication contribute to the reasons to trust her.

– R F Somatic Educator/ Writer
Marilyn is a skilled teacher, whether with the voice or with the dharma.
She made it seem like I could express things with my voice that I didn't
think I could do. Her way of passing along information is both disarming and

– E.B., high school teacher
Marilyn can make you move and use your voice far beyond anything I expected. What a joy it is!

– J. D. Social Worker
I've witnessed countless breakthroughs as Marilyn worked with singers in a performance workshop setting. She is a master teacher.

– K C M, Director
With experience, wisdom and grace, Myo-O calls forth with gentle encouragement her students’ authentic voices. I relished each class.

– BK, minister
Working with Marilyn in her voice classes gave me a deep level of awareness
of my whole body and how everything-- organs, muscles, bones, tendons,
thoughts -- connects to and influences the voice. And I looked forward to every class
because the exercises were so playful and energizing.

– S. K. writer/artist
Myo-O's teachings serve as both cradle and knife. While holding me as
perfect, she illuminates the 'reality' that I have created. With a
surgeon's accuracy she cuts through my 'knowing', my reality, and extracts
me, my true being, from within. She brings me to the outside to see, "Wow!
What a web I weave!

– S.A. J. S., Personal and Professional Coach
Through the meditation practice Myo-O is encouraging in me, I see 'my
reality' as a choice. As I allow the choice and judgement to melt away,
clearer seeing, hearing and being come forth in their place. My days are
now spent more aware. I sense and act upon more opportunities to create
and connect. Myo-O's light, gentle and exacting ways are opening up a new
world to me.

– S.A. J. S., Personal and Professional Coach
“Myo-o's been there, wherever you're going -- up, down or
sideways. Also she's here; right here.

– M. S. Yoga Teacher
Joyous clarity and loving precision infuse Marilyn's work as a teacher in both the physical and the spiritual realms. I feel privileged to have learned with her.

– D.E. Somatic Therapist and student Rabbi
There have been so many times when Marilyn has helped me wade through the muck and recognize the deeper traps in my mind. I am so grateful!

– M. F. Certified practitioner of Body-Mind Centering.
I began studying voice with Marilyn and found that I learned much more from her. She taught me how to connect my voice, my body and by soul. Marilyn is a deeply spiritual and compassionate woman and a gifted teacher. Through the voice, she taught me about myself and helped me to reach my goals. She has an amazing kinesthetic sense. One day she looked straight ahead into my eyes and knew that my feet were not rooted properly on the floor.

– L. A. B Minister
I find it exciting and powerful to work with Marilyn. Her laser insights and intuitive flow help open up delightful possibilities for me. Who knew that one's voice could be a door to enlightenment? Marilyn takes my hand and shows me it is so.

– S. F. Zen Priest
Working with Marilyn opened the doors to a profound journey into finding my
own voice. Her humor, honesty and skills worked together in an almost
magical way to create the conditions that allowed me to do things with my
voice I never imagined possible.

– B.L. Movement Coach


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