Spiritual Mentoring

The basis of waking up to our lives as they are is mindfulness and awareness. The key word for lived spirituality is practice. In Buddhist practice, sitting quietly without moving with a calm, focused mind, is the foundation for all spiritual investigation. With this foundation we look deeply into our confusion and suffering in order to see the root causes of our happiness and unhappiness. Our goal is lasting, unassailable happiness and peace of heart and mind. This is spiritual freedom.

At times it is helpful to have an experienced spiritual friend to walk with us and witness our questioning. This friend will have confidence in the path on which we walk and in our capacity to make this journey.

If you are at such a point, and have a consistent meditation practice, you may find it useful to meet with Myo-O. She will listen carefully to your questions and your stories. With compassion, patience and humor she will encourage you to deepen your intimacy with your own life. Myo-O will hold the space in which you may find how to be the answers that you seek.

Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

“Living in vow” was one of the most powerful teachings of Katagiri-roshi, Myo-O’s root teacher. Living in vow with one’s beloved is a powerful gift to the couple making the vow, the community who witnesses it and to seven generations in both directions. She is experienced at weaving together a ceremony that includes elements from several faith traditions and that reflects the values and aspirations of each couple. She also offers optional pre-marriage counseling. Myo-O can speak and chant in a number of languages including Italian, Latin, French, Hebrew, English, Russian, Pali, and Sanskrit.

Myo-O was ordained a Soto Zen Buddhist priest in 2000 and has been performing weddings since 2002. She has also officiated at memorial services as well as at daily Zen liturgies and ceremonial liturgies. She has been helping people awaken to their depth and beauty for over thirty years in her private practice of VoiceWorkTM and she has been teaching meditation and classes in Zen practice, leading retreats and offering lectures for ten years. Presently she works as an inter-faith chaplain at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview and at Hennepin County Medical Center. She lives with her husband of over three decades in Minneapolis and her adult daughter lives in NYC.

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