Marilyn Myo-O offers Zen practice and work with the voice as gateways to being fully alive in your life.

When our voice functions well it is free, responsive and alive, giving joy to ourselves and to others. When our life functions well it also is free, responsive and alive. Our voices reflect our lives and our lives reflect our voices.

When you take up the work of opening up your voice, your life will also open up. It’s inevitable and it’s spiritual. You can attend to your life with passionate mindfulness and your life will reveal who are to you. You can attend to your voice with this same passion and it will reveal who you are beyond any limiting frame you may have used to identify yourself.

I look forward to meeting with you as a guide for your spiritual practice and I look forward to coaching you as you open up to your vocal practice.

You may also engage this work in a fully receptive mode by gifting yourself with a voice healing.
In any of these ways in which you choose to interact with your voice and your spirit you will benefit yourself, your family and your community.

Ways to engage Marilyn's Services:

  • Voice coaching
  • Voice healing
  • Performance preparation
    and coaching
  • Spiritual mentoring
  • Classes in meditation
    and buddhist practice

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