Give the Gift of Your Voice 
The voice is a tool for self knowledge, empowerment and delight. The voice is a revealing expression of who you are, what you care about and where you’ve been. As such it is a gift to you and to everyone in your life. Giving that gift fully is joy for all.
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Wake Up to Your Life
It is completely possible for you to awaken to the gift of your voice, your body and your life. This presence or present! is yours for the asking. All that’s necessary is to move towards it, step by step. It’s your birthright and your connection to all of life. It’s your passport to the world.
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You Can Do This

I will go with you to the places that thrill you and those that frighten you in perfect faith that you have the capacity to fulfill your dreams. In my role as midwife I will nurture you and nudge you to realize your own capacity. We will laugh; there may be tears. There is room for everything in your human nature as we train together.
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Practice is Freedom
Zen practice is waking up to the voice of suffering, connection, freedom and joy. We do this together. I offer the insights and practices of what the Buddha taught as support for your journey. Stillness and movement, silence and sound all point us to the ground of being, the ultimate healer. Zen practice offers us confidence in our ability to touch and know this ground as who we are. I offer you thirty years of walking this path-still walking.
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A Skilled and Experienced Companion
Marilyn Myo-O knows that your voice and your life is a gate of awakening. She relishes and is grateful for the opportunity to support your journey.
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